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Solar System Services

For all solar installs and maintenance 


Solar Panel Installation

Are you looking at joining the renewable energy industry and cutting down your electricity bills. Then allow us to quote and install a high quality and reliable solar system that's right for your needs.  Or if you feel like your old solar system isn't producing enough for your needs anymore then we can upgrade your system for a newer, better one.

Solar Panel Repair

Has some of your solar panels been damaged or your inverter kicked the bucket? Then contact us to replace any damaged components of your solar system to bring your system back to its full operation.

Solar Fault finding

If you believe your solar panels aren't performing to their original ability. Or if you would like your panels checked after a storm to ensure no damage has occurred. We can come out and diagnose any fault or issue in your solar system or complete an infrared scan on the panels to observe any internal damage.

Solar System Installs

Trust the Pros

What does your energy bill cost?

Tell us the cost of your energy bill and we can calculate a system that is right for the amount of energy you use. No need to install an expensive system that is too much for you, we can make it the perfect size to get the most out of your money.

Go big or go home

If you're looking at completely removing any energy bill, we can calculate the largest system for your roof space to maximise your solar output. So you can run that AC in summer with no worries.

System Upgrades

Is your old system too small or not running to its full operation? We can come out find the problem and fix it, or quote you a new system to upgrade and replace the old components.

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